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Rebuilding the House of God - Book of Ezra  Rebuilding Jerusalem - Book of Nehemiah

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Featured Video Lessons

Ephesians videos 39 and 40 

Ephesians Chapter 6 - Part 39

Ephesians Chapter 6
verses 10-12

Be enabled in the Lord.

Ephesians Chapter 6 - Part 40

Ephesians Chapter 6
verse 13

The full armor of God.


First Timothy videos 5 and 6

First Timothy Chapter 1 - Part 5

1 Timothy Chapter 1
verses 17-19

God is the King of the ages. Timothy to serve as a soldier.

First Timothy Chapter 1 - Part 6

1 Timothy Chapter 1
verse 20

Paul gave 2 men over to satan - outside God's protection.


First Corinthians videos 61 and 62

First 1 Corinthians Chapter 13 - Part 69

1 Corinthians Chapter 13
verse 1

Speak with tongues and Agape Love.

First 1 Corinthians Chapter 13 - Part 70

1 Corinthians Chapter 13
verses 2-5

We should manifest Godly love.


Revelation of Jesus Christ videos 3 and 4 

Revelation of Jesus Christ Part 3

Revelation of Jesus Christ
Chapter 1 verses 8-15

God is the Alpha and Omega.

Revelation of Jesus Christ Part 4

Revelation of Jesus Christ
Chapter 1 verses 16-20

Seven stars in Jesus' right hand.


The Gift of Holy Spirit videos 9 and 10 

The gift of holy spirit part 9

The Gift of Holy Spirit - 9

John 10:10 - the spirit of life.

The gift of holy spirit part 10

The Gift of Holy Spirit - 10

Romans 8 - the spirit of sonship.

The Hope and Resurrection videos 5 and 6 

Hope and Resurrection Part 5

Hope and Resurrection

Boaz redeemed Ruth and Naomi providing genealogy of King David and of the Christ

Hope and Resurrection Part 6

Hope and Resurrection

Birth of Jesus Christ and his ministry in John 10 in contrast to the thief


Salvation and Faith (Belief) videos 15 and 16 

Salvation and Faith Part 15

Salvation and Faith

Defensive weapons of God's armor.

Salvation and Faith Part 16

Salvation and Faith

Keep the faith.

The Lord Jesus Christ, the son of God videos 13 and 14

The Lord Jesus Christ Part 1

The Lord Jesus Christ

The hope and resurrection for holy-people (Christians).

The Lord Jesus Christ Part 2

The Lord Jesus Christ

Christ is the witness, the believer, the firstborn of dead-people, and the ruler of the kings of the earth.

Biblical Research Articles

  • Adam and Eve,
    • In the Book of Genesis chapters 1-3, God reveals a lot of information about the earth and the first man, Adam, and Eve. God decided to create His image in mankind and that image is holy spirit.
  • Angels
    • An angel is a spirit-being whose office and character is one of a messenger in official service via words and/or actions. This article provides information on the activities and capabilities of various angels.
  • Baptism,
    • Baptism is to immerse or to surround a person with something. This article provides many verses with explanations for each usage.
  • Belief - Faith,
    • Belief or Faith is the information that God makes known to people to have confidence-in with assured certainty and surety. It is the Greek word pistis that can be translated into English as “belief” or “faith.”
  • the Birth of Jesus Christ,
    • Throughout the old covenant writings, there are many verses of Scripture referring to the promised seed, the redeemer, the Christ. Matthew chapter 1 (verses 1-17) provides information about Jesus Christ's earthly "family tree." It shows his regal (royal, kingly) lineage - being heir to the throne of King David via Solomon.
  • the Church, Temple, and the Body of Christ,
    • A church is an assembly of people called out from other people for any reason. It does not refer to a particular type of building or a house, even though the church may meet in a particular type of building or in a house. Throughout the new covenant writings (Acts - Revelation) the word "church" is primarily used to refer to the people who have already believed regarding the Lord Jesus Christ and have become holy-people (children of the only true God, saints, Christians). The truth that all holy-people have received the gift of holy spirit is what distinguishes this church from any other group of people.
  • Creation,
    • God created the heaven and the earth in the beginning as recorded in Genesis 1:1 - 2:3. It took God six days to accomplish creation and on the seventh day God rested from all His work.
  • the Crucifixion of Jesus,
    • The chief-priests and the elders persuaded the crowds to ask for Barabbas to be set free, but they wanted to destroy Jesus. Pilate said to them, “What therefore should I do with Jesus the one being said as Christ?” All the people said, “He must be crucified!”
  • the Devil, satan, and evil,
    • The devil was the first spirit-being that rebelled against God; he wanted to take God's position. He caused death among mankind. He is the chief of the devil-spirits, which are the other evil spirits in subordination to him. They fell from the position that God had given to them and they are referred to as devils (devil-spirits, demons, evil spirits, unclean spirits, etc).
  • Forgiveness,
    • In the new covenant writings (Acts - Revelation) there are 2 verbs and 1 noun in Greek which most often have been translated in the King James Version (KJV) into various forms of "forgiveness" or "remission." This article takes a close look at these Greek words and provides information from the True Bible Study (TBS) translation and studies.
  • Friendship
  • Hope and Resurrection,
    • Our hope is that the Lord Jesus Christ will come to be present to gather all of us together with him. Then he will continue to carry-out all of what God wants him to do, which includes the resurrection of dead-people, judgments, causing satan (the devil) and his followers to be destroyed, etc. Christ will put everything including himself under God's authority.
  • Judgments and Rewards
    • There are judgments that relate to holy-people (Christians) and judgments for those who reject God and His son, the Lord Jesus Christ. God will also implement His sentence on the devil and the other evil spirits (demons). In addition the Lord Jesus Christ will give rewards or compensation payment to all who are deserving of them.
  • the Love in First Corinthians Chapter 13 (1 Corinthians 13),
    • This word translated "love" (or "charity" in some translations and versions of this passage of Scripture) comes from the Greek word agape which is God’s kind of love. To love with His love means to love the same way as God loves, to manifest God's love towards another, whether it is towards God Himself, the Lord Jesus Christ, yourself, your Christian neighbor, or towards anyone else.
  • Miracles, Signs, and Wonders
    • In today's society we hear the word "miracle" quite often to refer to various occurrences, whether they are expected or not, whether someone prayed to God for them or not, etc. However, the Greek text of the Bible provides three root words for which some translators use the English word "miracle."
  • Mystery
    • The word "mystery" means "secret" and this article looks at various passages of Scripture showing that the mystery was hidden in God during previous ages. The mystery pertains to the gracious salvation available by means of the gift of holy spirit and all that is involved regarding the resurrected Christ during the present time.
  • the Name of God,
    • The name of Jehovah (Yahweh) is the name God gives to Himself when emphasizing His interaction and covenant relationship with that-which He has created (translated as "Lord" in the King James Version). Jehovah is the name by-which God made Himself known to Moses and to the children of Israel (refer to Exodus 6:2-4).
  • the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ,
    • There is only one Jesus who is the Christ - he is the resurrected Lord Jesus Christ who is at the right-hand side of God. His name designates and describes his distinguishing and distinctive constitution, character, quality, workings, etc.
  • Pentecost and the Gift of holy spirit,
    • The gift of holy spirit (sometimes translated as holy ghost) is the spirit-life that God by means of the Lord Jesus Christ first made available on the day of Pentecost recorded in Acts chapter 2. Men, women, and children can receive and be led by the holy spirit today because of the powerful manifestation of holy spirit and the fruit from the spirit.
  • Prayer,
    • All people can pray with their understanding mind, which is praying to God in a language that you know and speak and can understand the words that you are saying to God. However, holy-people (Christians) can also pray with/in spirit, which is speaking with tongues as explained in chapters 12-14 of my study of I Corinthians.
  • Prophecy
    • Prophecy in the Bible refers to the information revealed from God or from the Lord Jesus Christ concerning the past, present and/or future. Prophets are people who receive the words of prophecy so as to speak it forth to, before, or in front of another person or people - it can also be written down for others to read.
  • Salvation and Behavior,
    • God's will is for all men (everybody, all of mankind) to be made safe via the Lord Jesus Christ and to come into full, clear and exact personal knowledge of God’s truth so that we would live our lives accordingly.
  • Spirit, and soul, and body
    • God's Word shows us that there is a difference between spirit and soul, and that the gift of holy spirit dwells inside of the physical, fleshy bodies of all holy-people (Christians).
  • Stars and Constellations,
    • After the fall of mankind, God promised a coming savior, the Christ. God included the details of His plan of redemption and salvation in the significant events, cycles of time, etc, which the heavens mark. He drew pictures around the stars and taught mankind how to read and understand them. This helped mankind to remember God's truth, knowledge, glory, and purposes, including His plan to redeem mankind.
  • Suffering while doing good,
    • Holy-people (Christians) may suffer while doing good during the everyday living of life - just as Christ suffered while he was carrying out God's plan of redemption and salvation.
  • Summary of the Book of Ruth,
    • Ruth was a Gentile and married an Hebrew husband. The Book of Ruth also shows the type (pattern) of the coming Christ who would be the kinsman redeemer to God's people.
  • Summary of the Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ,
    • John writes revelations about the effects or events that take place in heaven and on earth as part of what is known as the apocalypse. It covers details about the last days and the end of the world as we know it today - the end times.
  • Trial or Temptation,
    • Many of us have felt as though we have been tried or have been tempted at some point in our lives. In this article we read about the difference between the good trial and the bad temptation - plus the role that the flesh category has in the behavior of some people who permit it to influence them.
  •  Who is the Bride,
    • The word "bride" is found in various verses of Scripture; it sometimes is used figuratively of an assembly of people and of a city, among other usages.
  • Women in the Bible
    • Women have an active role in the Bible. This article includes information about those who lived their lives for God in their behavior, and others who behaved badly, plus details about the holy-people who are women in the church today.
  • and Worship and Reverence.
    • True worship and reverence towards God by all holy-people (Christians) living today must be done within the sphere of action of the gift of holy spirit.

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