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God's Word revealed. Online session, books, and articles.

Are you seeking to understand?

We provide articles, videos, and teachings based on the Greek papyri and texts of the Bible. This is the True meaning of God's Word.

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I recommend that while reading the True Bible Study materials, you also have your usual Bible and Biblical study materials open, so as to compare verses and gain greater understanding of the truth of God’s Word.



Prophecy refers to God’s words that are revealed via holy spirit to one or more of God's people.



We who are Christians should speak the words that our Lord Jesus Christ gives us to speak via the gift of holy spirit.



The future refers to events that have not happened yet - find out what God's Word tells us about our future.

Preach to all


Herald forth the word and stand on it all the time.

It is written

The Bible records:

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...these signs will follow the people who have believed what God says: in my name they will cast out devils, they will speak with new tongues, and they will lift snakes in their hands, and if ever they would drink something deadly it would never harm them, they will put hands on sick-people and they will be healed.

Mark 16:17 and 18

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