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Quantum spirit

Christian, son of God

The meaning of "Quantum spirit Christian, son of God"

The word “Christian” was first used in Antioch (refer to Acts 11:26) to describe a human-being who has received the gift of holy spirit and thereby became a holy-person (sanctified-person, saint, child of the only true God).


These Christians were learning about God, the Lord Jesus Christ, and the gift of holy spirit, and they were interested in learning more. When they were assembled in Antioch, it was the first time recorded that they were “Christians.” This does not mean that they had not been doing the work that the Lord Jesus Christ wanted them to do before this time in history! In truth, ever since the day of Pentecost recorded in Acts chapter 2, most of the people who received the gift of holy spirit also behaved according to this spirit of Christ in them – but in Antioch it was the first time that their Christ-like behavior was given the identifying term of: Christians.

These Christians followed Christ; they spoke about Christ and that the spirit of Christ was within them. They were Christians carrying out their everyday living of life in accordance with being followers of the Lord Jesus Christ. They were doing the business of Christians by relying on their new holy spirit life and taking their instructions from it.

Today also the correct usage of the word “Christian” refers to a holy-person (a human-being who has received the gift of holy spirit, which is the spirit of Christ).

Quantum spirit Christian, son of God” emphasizes the significant quality of each Christian among the numerous Christians who are included in the new creation because of our holy spirit life.

We are not individual or separate or different creations but the whole is a new creation – each one of us is a portion of it because of what God has made all Christians to be in Christ.


Each one of us is a significant part of the whole spiritual body of Christ – each one is large with importance, magnitude, and quality, plus there is a large quantity of us in the new creation.

We are limbs in the one spiritual body of Christ – each limb (member, part, portion) of the whole body has the same holy spirit life, which is the spirit of Christ.

Spiritually we all correspond to each other; we have co-related properties, as paired particles or being entangled one with another. We act in unison in the spirit category, even when we are separated from each other or when we are doing different actions in the physical category.


The manifestation or evidence of the gift of holy spirit may not always be exactly the same at all times to/for every Christian, but it always corresponds or is related one with the other as to its workings in order to edify the whole body of Christ.

The gift of holy spirit, which is the spirit of Christ in every Christian, continues to instantly send and receive communication with the Lord Jesus Christ himself. We influence one another in the spirit category, and a church or group of holy-people are linked together or combined. Our range of influence is the same as Christ, and we are fluid in our actions in every situation or circumstance.

No person or spirit can interfere with or “hack” the spirit of Christ in each holy-person nor with the communications between us in the spirit category – we are matched, paired, associated, interrelated, and our communications are secure as being completely encrypted.

The fleshy human-being does not know the things of the spirit of/from God because flesh is limited to the physical body and soul parts of mankind. The closest that people without holy spirit can get together is to be called “soulmates” – limited to flesh which ends in corruption.

Spiritual things include the Lord God Who is Holy Spirit, the Lord Jesus Christ who is God’s son and has received his spiritual body, the gift of holy spirit which every Christian has graciously received from God by means of the Lord Jesus Christ, the angels, and their spiritual communications.

These spiritual things cannot be known by the fleshy human-being until they are caused to be revealed so as to not be hidden from view anymore. Therefore, spiritual things may be described by the fleshy human-being as fuzzy and undefined, but holy-people can observe or know them when they are revealed to us via the gift of holy spirit.

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Abstract Structure

Colossians 1

Christ is the head of the body of the church, of which all true Christians (holy-people) are members.

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